Making Your Kitchen Flow

with higher order accuracy

by spotting mistakes with AI cameras
Making Your Kitchen Flow

with streamlined coordination

using dedicated interfaces covering all stations
Making Your Kitchen Flow

with streamlined coordination

by auto-printing stick-on item labels
Making Your Kitchen Flow

with streamlined coordination

using friendly bespoke UIs
Making Your Kitchen Flow

with actionable data insights

by capturing timestamps for each user step
Making Your Kitchen Flow

with self-service order pickup

Using heated food lockers
KitchenFlow is a flexible, data-oriented kitchen display system that supports dynamic multi-channel order preparation.
The solution is a platform, co-engineered in partnership with Nando’s, built to solve the modern challenges of high volume kitchens.
Nando's is a global fast-casual restaurant chain with over 1200 locations.

KitchenFlow helps your bottom line:

  • supports scaling up revenue by enabling the servicing of more delivery orders.
  • reduces costs and customer dissatisfaction, by increasing order accuracy.
  • increases operational efficiency by providing actionable data insights.

Our solution consists of a range of customized interfaces for the various stations in a kitchen.

The interfaces can be grouped into 5 major categories as shown in the example below.


mains, sides, drinks, etc

Coordination / Assembly

plating, boxing


serving, bagging, collection handover

Customer Facing

order status boards and web pages


orders in, reporting out
KitchenFlow is a modular toolkit of customizable display and input interfaces, and smart add-ons.
  • Add Labels: We have refined and automated label printing to leverage self-adhesive paper right off the reel together with spooling control that ensures labels are naturally printed one at a time as they are removed from the printer.
  • Use the Best: We designed and engineered a series of ultra-wide touch-screens, designed to be embedded in the kitchen furniture enabling the most natural visualization and interaction with the order queue.
  • Leverage AI: Our system can use machine-vision cameras to identify mistakes in the item handling flow and notify staff to take corrective action before incorrect orders reach customers.
  • Customize: Any interface can be tailored to look and behave exactly as needed for a specific workflow step. This enables optimal fit between real-life processes and the system that drives / supports them.
  • Re-Use Your Own: Any existing screen of any shape and size with a compute board, can be part of the ecosystem, cutting the cost of deploying the solution. All major operating systems (Windows, Android, Linux) are fully supported.
  • Make it Seamless: We designed and built dedicated headless IoT edge devices (our own flavour of RaspberryPi) to allow connecting any projector or existing screen that blends in seamlessly with the existing design of the venue.

About Us


The joint team behind KitchenFlow has over 10 years experience in restaurant technology, with key involvement in developing the KDS solution of McDonald’s, and has been winning restaurant tech innovation awards since 2014.

We believe that the only way to deliver transformative operational efficiency in restaurants is to tackle the core processes that inevitably involve the kitchen. We are building a future-proof, scalable KDS platform that allows easy extension and integration via open APIs. We are re-architecting the data flows of the restaurant to put the centre of gravity into the kitchen instead of the POS. With this paradigm shift, the POS system is just one of a number of order data sources for kitchen-based central orchestration solution.


Our vision is to optimize processes and quality in all industrial kitchens, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies.

We see a future in which most kitchen operations are fully automated, serving futuristic delivery and dine-in workflows. Delivery will likely evolve into a quality assured self-service journey of order-by-phone, deliver-by-drone, while for dine-in will likely  focus more on the experience around the meal, rather than the meal itself. In such a technologized future, KitchenFlow aims to be the coordinator of automated kitchen processing stations.


We deliver automation and control to improve throughput, service time and order accuracy in high volume kitchens.

We achieve this via our self-monitoring kitchen operations system that extends the coverage of the production and preparation steps, using tailored interfaces, machine vision, AI and collaborative robots.

Availability & Consulting

At present the solution is in public preview, with exclusive deployment within Nando’s. General availability will follow in early 2024.

In the mean-time, the team behind the solution, is available for consultancy work related to:

  • kitchen process optimization to improve production flows and expand the coverage of KDS
  • complex integrations of systems for order data and metadata centralization
  • custom solutions development for embedded interfaces and data handling / reporting services
  • any other restaurant technology challenge or problem you may want to solve

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